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What type of product is right for you? 


Essential oil only scents:                                                 Exfoliating:

Oats and Honey                                                                 Oats and Honey

Cinnamon Spice                                                                 Lavender

Eczema Blend                                                                    Lemon Lime

Sweet Mint Cream                                                              Blueberry Muffin

Patchouli                                                                             Apple Crisp

Lavender                                                                            Sandlewood Vanilla

Lemon Lime                                                                       Coconut Candybar

                                                                                           Perfect Pumpkin

                                                                                           Green Tea and Chamomile 

Looking for a lotion?

We carry several types of lotion, find the one that's best for you. All lotions except the after-sun lotion also have an eczema blend version.

Lotion Bar- Our first and favorite lotion. This one is best for hands and feet- the rougher and more cracked, the more you will love this amazing lotion. Use liberally then use socks to hold the moisture in (Either at night or even during the day and moisturize while you walk!) for cracks. Then use a foot or callus file after your next shower. You will notice a difference after just one or two uses. A heavy moisturizer, this contains bee's wax- do not use before working in the garden, or the dirt will stick!

Goat's Milk and Honey Lotion - A lovely, all purpose lotion. Smooth and creamy, it soaks in quickly and well. Great body lotion, and with the goat milk, so nourishing!

Whipped Body Butter - This lotion has a fun, light feel- like whipped cream when you touch it, but lookout! A little goes a very long way, and it is a heavy duty lotion, second only to our lotion bars (but easier to spread). Can feel oily for the first few minutes after use. Like our lotion bars, this is very natural, with only a few basic ingredients. Though in this one, we will occasionally add glitter. Just for fun. (Our personal favorite is the sparkling Spiced Peach!) Store in cool locations, will melt if left in a hot car.

After Sun Shea and Aloe Butter - Our lightest lotion, this one is great for after a day at the beach. It has shea butter and aloe, so it can be very soothing to skin after sun and sand. It comes in several scents, but we recommend Cool Peppermint, as Peppermint essential oil is naturally cooling. 

Problem Skin?

Eczema Blend Products:                                                 Oily Skin/Blemishes:

Eczema Blend Bar Soap                                                    Cinnamon Spice Bar soap for Oily Skin

Eczema Blend Lotion Bar

Eczema Blend Goat Milk and Honey Lotion

Eczema Blend Body Butter

New- "Tin Man" Eczema Oil